We Can’t Save Our Mothers from their Pain

This is a MUST READ!

Womb Of Light

Women’s capacity for empathy has been exploited in our culture; distorted into guilt, a sense of obligation, emotional care-taking, co-dependency and self-recrimination. These distortions can paralyze us when we feel the desire to express our true power in our lives.

For those of us who have mothers who have been unable to claim their own power in their own lives it can seem very frightening to do it for ourselves. Loving ourselves may feel foreign. It’s a skill that we are all being called to learn.

David Hockney

A common dynamic that many adult daughters experience is the compulsion to rescue, fix and heal their mothers. This is complicated by the fact that many older mothers frequently present their emotional problems to their daughters feeling entitled to significant and intensive support.

A mother’s pain may show up in various forms:

  • An unhappy marriage
  • Addictions and/or mental illness
  • The dramas that may play out…

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