My First Sci Fi Short Story Series!


By Vanessa Butterfly Thunderwolf.


That’s me in the middle of infinity. Cleansing myself. Androidinizing. The veil between my world and the world outside my brain is becoming thinner by the second. My ancestors, my former selves, are putting their two cents in about my decision. Some were happy, some sad, but none as adamantly against it as Tabitha.  Tabitha was a freed slave of mixed race, Irish and African. She was a healer and witch in her day. Both respected and feared, she lived until the age of 98. But now she’s late, lost and her opinions are quickly becoming obsolete. Her blood is ancient. Though it once contained pure magick, gold and other precious minerals, now it may as well be tin. Her name and lives were carried in my blood and now with it slowly draining from my body, I face her death and my immortality….

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