Feminist (for a lack of a better word) Wheatpastes Popping Up All Over Philly

this is dopeness

Streets Dept

(Second photo viaKari Paul’s Tumblrvia a tweet fromTom Foodle)

LOVE these wheatepastes calling attention to the ordeals many women in our city have to go through just to get to work/school/where ever, and that, contrary to what some may think: “Women Are Not Seeking Your Validation” and their names’ are not “Baby, Shorty, Sexy, Sweetie, Honey, Pretty, Bo, Sweetheart, or Ma.”

This reminds me a lot of the Project Gastric pastes that were going up all last year, which I loved and thought helped to encourage an important conversation as well.

And just to clarify, I referred to this as “feminist (for a lack of a better word,)” because this just really seems like common sense.

Has anyone else seen these around?! I’d love to know if there were more!!

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