Excerpt from “Intention is a Hell of a Drug”

There’s nothing more powerful than a made up mind.
—This cute guy on a TED Talk I once watched

For a Libra like myself, that really hit home. It takes me forever to make a decision because I’m busy weighing all my options. An astrologer told me once that I am like the horse that starved to death because I didn’t know which bale of hay to eat from first. Yeah, that pretty much sums me up! The good thing is, when I do get around to making a decision, it’s usually a good one.

Last year I took part in a 40-day affirmation challenge with a women’s circle. We each wrote a letter to ourselves, affirmation-style, based on what we wanted to see in various aspects of our lives (i.e. love life, home, career, spirituality, health, and family). It was nice to put all my aspirations on paper and affirm them. It gave me a clearer vision of what I wanted in my life and helped me focus and get clear on my intentions.

Well, intention is a hell of a drug.  Here is a breakdown of some of the affirmations I wrote and how they later showed up in my life…(click here to read the full post on Recovering Yogi.com)

-Vanessa Butterfly Thunderwolf.



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